13 Ways for a Small Business to Drive Leads


Last Dreamforce, I had the awesome opportunity to speak with other marketing leaders about lead generation and digital strategy.

This video (below) shares 13 tips to drive leads for SMB. I’ve also included a quote below from my portion, which focused on how to do digital competitive analysis using SEO tools.

Lead generation presentation

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you can’t compete with bigger, more established companies. Use re-targeting and geo-targeting to saturate audiences that have hit your website to make you company seem bigger than you really are.

“Spy on your digital competitors.”Rachael Fishman, Sr. Analyst, SEO & Acquisition, Salesforce, @rachaelfishman

SEO Podcast: My Conductor Marketing Podcast


Hello my favorite internet friends!

I recently had a chance to participate in a podcast about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) featured on Conductor’s Search on Tap channel. I enjoyed talking about organic search, digital strategy and product marketing.

Check it out and please share any feedback in the comments.

The Karibu Centre: My Experience Volunteering with Children in Thika, Kenya


Hello friends! I’m writing this post for a cause that means very much to me – helping out children in need. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to volunteer abroad through the Salesforce Foundation in Thika, Kenya for an inspiring organization called the Karibu Centre.

The Karibu Centre is a comprehensive community program for impoverished families in Kenya. This organization has a focus on technology, early childhood education and social enterprise. The programs not only engage children and youth, but also enable parents to thrive by providing them employment opportunities, resume building and career resources. This holistic approach empowers everyone to be independent and drives change throughout the whole community.


The community has many diverse programs and opportunities for families to get involved. There is a 10 acre farm here – with so much fresh delicious food. Aloe, beans, bananas, avocado and more! The food is used to feed the children and families; the farm is tended to by the parents and soap is made from the aloe.

This place is so sustainable – organic aloe soap fresh from the farm is available for purchase on the Organic Savannah website – it is top notch and generates income to fund the center’s programs.

I am so grateful to Salesforce to have provided me with the opportunity to give back to the world in such an impactful way. I’ll be back with more details soon!


My Custom Site Performance Dashboard for Google Analytics


Custom reporting dashboards provide an efficient way to pull relevant data out of Google Analytics.  Once you take the time to define your target metrics, you can easily access your most important information on one page.   Since Google removed the keyword data from Google Analytics, many of the custom dashboards available on the Internet are outdated.  I created my own, with a mobile focus.  

My dashboard measures several different important metrics for my website, including:

  • Users’ Screen Resolution
  • Mobile Device/Browser Type
  • Page Load Time
  • Social Network Metrics
  • Users’ Location
  • Bounce Rate & Avg Time on Page
Feel free to download and share my Site Analysis Dashboard.  If you choose to use it to track your site’s performance, please share any feedback you may have in the comments below.
Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.43.57 PM

Twitter Cards & Site Optimization


Expanded tweets will increase Twitter user engagement and click through rates, and don’t take too much time to build.  Links to your site will become much more detailed and inviting.

If you are looking into making expanded tweets for your site, you will need to tweak your html a bit to add some meta tags to your code, validate your code and apply for approval.  Use JM Twitter Cards for WordPress customizations.  The plug-in supports changes to Robots.txt files, custom fields and analytics.

There are several different formats to choose from when customizing your Twitter Cards, but  Twitter has up to date support on their developer website to refer to.  You can choose what kind of summary, deep-links, content or photos your Twitter Card content features.  They also have some customizable follow buttons available.

For those interested in generating leads off Twitter, there are also Twitter Cards leading to calls-to-action.  Twitter pre-populates email and handle information for each potential lead.  This feature is available through their ads platform, and appears to require additional support (and budget).

Please don’t expect success posting links on irrelevant Twitter accounts.  If I posted WordPress optimization tips to my personal Twitter account, I would lose followers in a minute.  My private personal account is reserved for travel, health and friends.  Share your site content with relevant communities, or you will just be a hamster running on wheels.