My Custom Site Performance Dashboard for Google Analytics


Custom reporting dashboards provide an efficient way to pull relevant data out of Google Analytics.  Once you take the time to define your target metrics, you can easily access your most important information on one page.   Since Google removed the keyword data from Google Analytics, many of the custom dashboards available on the Internet are outdated.  I created my own, with a mobile focus.  

My dashboard measures several different important metrics for my website, including:

  • Users’ Screen Resolution
  • Mobile Device/Browser Type
  • Page Load Time
  • Social Network Metrics
  • Users’ Location
  • Bounce Rate & Avg Time on Page
Feel free to download and share my Site Analysis Dashboard.  If you choose to use it to track your site’s performance, please share any feedback you may have in the comments below.
Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.43.57 PM

  • Mick Wang

    Hi Rachel,

    Very nice & useful, so I guess there’s no way to incorporate the keywords now?



  • Nandan Pujar

    I still see my keywords in my GA account. So what exactly do you mean when you say “GA has removed keywords data”?