The Karibu Centre: My Experience Volunteering with Children in Thika, Kenya


Hello friends! I’m writing this post for a cause that means very much to me – helping out children in need. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to volunteer abroad through the Salesforce Foundation in Thika, Kenya for an inspiring organization called the Karibu Centre.

The Karibu Centre is a comprehensive community program for impoverished families in Kenya. This organization has a focus on technology, early childhood education and social enterprise. The programs not only engage children and youth, but also enable parents to thrive by providing them employment opportunities, resume building and career resources. This holistic approach empowers everyone to be independent and drives change throughout the whole community.


The community has many diverse programs and opportunities for families to get involved. There is a 10 acre farm here – with so much fresh delicious food. Aloe, beans, bananas, avocado and more! The food is used to feed the children and families; the farm is tended to by the parents and soap is made from the aloe.

This place is so sustainable – organic aloe soap fresh from the farm is available for purchase on the Organic Savannah website – it is top notch and generates income to fund the center’s programs.

I am so grateful to Salesforce to have provided me with the opportunity to give back to the world in such an impactful way. I’ll be back with more details soon!