Twitter Cards & Site Optimization


Expanded tweets will increase Twitter user engagement and click through rates, and don’t take too much time to build.  Links to your site will become much more detailed and inviting.

If you are looking into making expanded tweets for your site, you will need to tweak your html a bit to add some meta tags to your code, validate your code and apply for approval.  Use JM Twitter Cards for WordPress customizations.  The plug-in supports changes to Robots.txt files, custom fields and analytics.

There are several different formats to choose from when customizing your Twitter Cards, but  Twitter has up to date support on their developer website to refer to.  You can choose what kind of summary, deep-links, content or photos your Twitter Card content features.  They also have some customizable follow buttons available.

For those interested in generating leads off Twitter, there are also Twitter Cards leading to calls-to-action.  Twitter pre-populates email and handle information for each potential lead.  This feature is available through their ads platform, and appears to require additional support (and budget).

Please don’t expect success posting links on irrelevant Twitter accounts.  If I posted WordPress optimization tips to my personal Twitter account, I would lose followers in a minute.  My private personal account is reserved for travel, health and friends.  Share your site content with relevant communities, or you will just be a hamster running on wheels.

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    I could help you set up your cards